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Commercial Storage in Prairieville, Louisiana

Commercial Storage

Benefits of Commercial Storage

The furniture in the office is being replaced by the newer models. Your office is planning on opening another location, but you’re not quite there yet. Sometimes, it’s easiest to store your office furniture somewhere else. Having a commercial storage unit is beneficial to businesses that generate lots of paperwork. It could also be helpful to retail businesses that need a place for seasonal merchandise. Maybe your business needs a place for extra equipment. Whatever your reason, commercial storage units come in handy.

Resident Manager on Premises 24/7

Security first! When you are researching storage units, especially for important documents, you need to have a place with guaranteed safety. Haggard Mini Storage always has a resident manager on the premises. This ensures there is always someone available to assist you. Whenever you need to drop by to check on your things, we can help. We maintain strict security measures. Our guards are always monitoring cameras for suspicious activity. Our mission is the safety of you and your goods.

Climate-Controlled Units

Louisiana summers can be brutal and the winters even harsher. A climate-controlled storage unit allows us to manage the temperature and humidity.​

This control can be helpful to businesses that have sensitive items. These items can include art, electronics, metals, delicate fabrics and more. We provide climate-controlled units as an extra precaution.

Affordable Options

We have the flexibility needed to cater to your needs. Haggard Mini Storage is family owned and operated. That means we can give specialized services and rates to our customers. We’ll give you a low rate, ensuring you have a great deal and experience. You can protect your business equipment without paying expensive fees. Our team offers great options. Talk to one of our team members today to get a customized quote.